Garden of The Gods

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Yes THE gods. If they had desired to make such a place on Earth, where rock and magnificent sandstone rose from the ground up to make us humans wonder each day how it came to be? Than this my friends, is it! The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado :) Intriguing don’t you think? An afternoon spent here will not be wasted. I will take no credit for this find, a creative minded friend shared this monumental place with me. Don’t you worry, Breck was well thanked for his wise thoughts to visit these Godly Grounds. Beginning in a car, luckily less than 2 hours to reach our destination. A visitor center, welcomes you on the left with signs drawing you in. But the real sights to see are across, around a loop. Plenty of tourists to lead the way, as they horde around it, like bees to a hive of rich honey. Wander them freely. The sky is cloudy and light beams of sun peak through, giving the rocks the perfect flick of glow. A glow rich in many years of weather trying to break this creation into crumbles of the gods. Resilient it stands. Tall and Proud. Like spears, in all different forms of glory. Each showing it’s unique character. As if, each god created their own formation to form, a garden. Whether the truth be told here, that the Gods gave this soil of Earth a garden to be remembered by and two founders followed their wishes. Or it was simply, a clever place to bask in the beauty of Colorado Springs in 1859. Either route you chose, this soil was touched by red rocks and wild flowers wanting to be admired. Will you admire it? The Earth needs our admiration :)


Garden of the Gods


Brussels Airlines

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20160729_095227  20160729_054958

Member that overused joke? You know, the one about airplane food?? Yes that one! Well, Kur had the best meal ever! (on a plane that is) Thanks to Brussels Airlines, they made this life experience come true :) Sadly, the story begins as I board a flight from Copenhagen to Brussels then back to the States. My Denmark journey had come to an end :/ But don’t freight! For a 7 hour flight, the comfort level of the seats weren’t bad as long as you don’t have someone behind you shaking your seat… You know who you are! (Eventually a polite person, told them of their shaking knee) After that, the meals were served… Oh goodie, look at this cutely designed tray that has appeared in front of Kur. Imagine a meal where you get a little entree all sealed in tinfoil, waiting to be delicately unwrapped by a hungry traveler. Slowly, unwrapping what turns out to be a hot bowl of beef chili with rice inside. WOW! Sparing no time now, I find a hot roll with a pack of butter, wanting to be paired at last. At this point, as Kur begins to devour such a meal, A flight attendant offers a plastic cup of wine to bring such taste buds together . I pick white if inquiring minds need to know! Shortly after, the tray is empty. Only what remains are stacked tinfoil containers and my wine stained cup. A flight attendant comes by to clear my garbage so Kur can return sitting in a seat for 3 more hours :) THEN! to Kurs’ surprise, an unexpected treat lands in her hand! An ice cream bar covered in chocolate and peanuts… How could this happen? Never in all her travels has Kur received ice cream at 36,000 ft! This is going down in History :) Brussels Airlines, is the airline with the best food!! (SO FAR) If your travels put you in there gracious hands, They will take care of you :)


Tivoli, Copenhagen’s Treasure

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Let’s chat about Copenhagen, Denmark!

  • First night I was here, I was exhausted like able to collapse at any time but Hey! We don’t let that stop us from exploring a new city :) I hired a friend of a friend as my unofficial tour guide to show Kur and groupies around the city, danish style! Our first stop was a place called Tivoli, which was an amusement park with beautiful gardens in downtown. It was founded in 1843, so imagine the many years of people from all over traveling here to check it out! Wandering around, seeing the gardens and the beautifully hung lights over the pathways. At night it was filled with an atmosphere of appreciation, and you could see it in everyone’s eyes. A small pond was filled with pedal boats and guests, slowly moving about in the  water. As a kid, you see an amusement park and think of cotton candy and rides, but here many years later as an adult it’s the same intriguing feeling. A feeling of a different culture and seeing the differences, what it means to Denmark. Quite a pleasing evening spend here. Afterwards, wandered around the city’s streets and saw how the Danish party on a Friday night :) This is definitely a bicycle riding city, so rent a bike and explore! Job well done by Morten, my friend and best “tour guide” EVER! :*

20160723_214752 20160723_214540

Dan Hostel- Copenhagen

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Kur goes to Copenhagen!

Well as you know, Kur has to keep traveling thrifty. So what better way to not over spend on lodging or hotels? Book a hostel! Hostels are a good way to stay somewhere alittle cheaper without giving up certain necessities. I stayed here only 1 night but it’s nice that this place has no minimum stay. I walked right in, there is a front desk with a person there 24/7 for late check ins or any issues you may have. I got a little room with the toilets down the hall. I saw picnic tables outside and a little playground to hang out with your kiddios or that one friend who still loves the swings (you know who you are) :) Positives about this place was, I wasn’t surrounded by late night party-iers and bed was pretty comfy, but I was exhausted! Some Cons were that I had to pay for towels and sheets, which was about 22 dollars as a one time fee, no biggie if you’re here for more than a day but alittle pricey for my stay. No ac, there was a window in my room so you can imagine that did help at night! Well that’s all for now :)

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50

København V

Irish Bar: Caffrey’s

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Yes, I did fancy a nice big pint!  While in the old town square, I stopped in to this little place. Sat at a high top table in the bar, plenty of seating if you’re curious about you and your big group of travelers :) Luckily, the kitchen wasn’t closed yet as it was almost 11 pm. Soo as much as  I love food, you can imagine the type of fried, high in fats, and delicious options this Irish Spot had to offer! Andd… Drum-roll Please :) I went with POTATO SKINS, with a tremendous dip that was a heavenly combination of sour cream, garlic, chives and something else whipped in there, I’m sure! For a big, tall and filled to the brim, beer. I selected a Stella Artois. One of my favorite, and you got to love when a cute bartender slices the foam off the top of your glass as if it’s an art in such rare form. Ha or a cute gal if… that’s your thing 😉 But back to the real priorities at hand. This pub was a little gem hiding, right in the heart of Old Town Square. You can’t miss it and you have to go here for a pint. When Kur says it’s good, then it is good! Like trip advisor? Yes, I think so. One day, I will have a little sticker with a weird selfie and I will put it on locations to let you know it’s KUR APPROVED :) or not, we will see..


Which is KUR’s??


Caffrey’s Irish Bar

Staroměstské nám. 608/10, 110 00

Praha, Czech Republic

Il Gusto Ristorante in Old Town

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20160728_132458 20160728_132525

Italy at the heart of Europe? You probably wonder why does Kur go to every kind of restaurant besides one with Czech Cuisine. Well.. Sometimes you just need to try everything and food is the best way! Of course, I ordered the margarita pizza and I could hear my stomachs’ desire for the fresh basil and creamy mozzarella. I didn’t wait long, as I sat on the patio under a big umbrella to shade me from the humid summer sun. Everything arrived promptly and lunch was on the table, ready to be devoured. One adjective, DELICIOUS :) I went to do my thing and be Kur Like. Talking about the food and chatting away about the friendly, attentive wait staff. When, I realized the owner of the restaurant was sitting at the table next to me. Naturally, I wanted to pretend nothing was happening, finish my meal and leave like a regular happy customer. BUT that is not how Kur does things. I awkwardly, and awkward is the appropriate choice of words, nothing Kur does is truly smoothly done.. I chatted with the owner, spoke of my travelers blog and how I needed a picture with him and his wait staff, who were such cuties :) Of course, I got it! Food was truly amazing here, good choices on the menu and when the owner is friendly enough and cares about his restaurant to chat with a strange American then you know you have to eat at this restaurant! Location is right in Old Town, easy to find and an outdoor spot to relax and enjoy a meal with close friends :) Thanks for the pictures!!

Il GUSTO, Rytířská 12, Praha 1





Himalaya Indian Restaurant

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You go to Prague and then you eat at a Indian Restaurant? Um, Kur does! And I’ll have you know, it was a great decision! The Himalayan Restaurant was in Old Town Prague so walking distance of everything. I found myself on this street while wandering around with my map in tow, trying to find some little gifts for the lovely ladies back home. An amazing FIND! I love Indian food, such a creamy yet spicy cuisine. Haven’t tried it? You’re missing out! Love thai food? You’ll absolutely adore the Tikki Marsala. Was family owned and run, very friendly and affordable prices. Kur is always on a budget or trying to keep things thrifty 😉  Stick with me and you won’t be lead astray!




Himalaya Indian Restaurant


Legendary Home of the Golem of Prague

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The best places are simply stumbled upon,

After a few afternoon showers and miles of exploring the city of Prague, a restaurant loured me in with just it’s name but, I stayed to try what turned out to be the best tasting cup of tea I’ve ever had. I LOVE tea! That said, you know this place is well liked. As crisp and refreshing as each sip was, the story does not end with just a cup but a whole pot to myself. Yes, believe it. A whole pot! ” Restaurant U Golem”.. Doesn’t sound like much to a foreigner but intriguing minds want to know, what is Golem? An old legend, I was told. Of a savior to the Jewish Community in Prague. To my knowledge I had no idea I had stumbled into a historic cultural story in an old part of town with the Staranova Synagoga (Old-New Synagogue) up the street. Curiosity lead me to google (of course). Which ended with me trekking up the wet cobbled street to the synagogue, to peer through to see a bit of it’s enchanting meaning. This restaurant was merely in my path. My evening as a whole was quite pleasant. The best cup of tea I’ve ever had along with a legend of a savior. A savior of people who needed saving, needed protection. Go to Prague but if you are as intrigued as I, sit and fancy a pot of tea (don’t forget the honey & fresh mint) and get a little story behind a name that is more than a name of a restaurant or a place to stop in for a meal… :)

20160727_195605   20160727_200541

Restaurant U Golem


Fusion Hotel Prague

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20160728_161837   20160728_135130

Kur again,

Imagine a beautiful cobbled stone street, old buildings line the road. Still, lugging your suitcase behind you when you reach your hotel, finally your destination! Fusion Hotel, a cute artistic vibe hotel tucked just off the main streets of Prague. Perfect! Able to walk everywhere, tell your legs, Prague is definitely a walking city! The hotel is unique, black walls with white doodles and signs to keep you intrigued. Who thought of this?? Rather Brilliant :) A staff of young individuals from everywhere across the globe, give you a little info and send you on your way up the elevator to your room. Ask to be on the 4th floor or higher, and facing the courtyard (west) for a quite pleasing view. The decor is just nifty, each room a little different, the color schemes bright or dark and mysterious. The other guests are mainly younger, 30’s and below. Not a hostel, a hotel with a traveling feel to it. Everyone from somewhere else stopping in to rest and see what Prague has to offer. Affordable rates and a pleasant stay awakes you at Fusion Hotel if you wish.  Piece of advice? Where ever you stay in Prague, Don’t sleep your holiday away! Enjoy what you pick but out that window overlooking it all, is a world you haven’t discovered yet.. Go :)


20160727_213815   20160724_225102


Panska 9

110 00 Prague 1 – Czech Republic

00420 226 222 800





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Ahoj! :)


Kur here, For starters I speak absolutely no Czech. Yes, I’m sorry but it’s true. What better way to jump in then taking the metro? Printed out a map, bought a ticket (a very affordable ticket) Stuck my thumb out as if I was hitch hiking and hopped on! On a good note, very easy! Found my stop, got off and followed the crowds of people going up the escalator. Bad note, walked in the wrong direction once I got up to the main streets. But hey? No biggie, only been traveling all day, whats another 2 miles in the right direction?! Eventually, found my beautiful little hotel called “Fusion Hotel” ! Checked in, chatted with some friendly hipsters :) and asked for a local place down the street for a nice cold beer.. I really needed it! On the Brightside, ahh I’m in PRAGUE! :)


Prague Town Square