Две Палочки 🍶🍤🍜

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This is and will always be my favorite sushi restaurant in Санкт-Петербург 😃

I ate here

3 times in

2 days 💕

No Joke!

It was that good!

The atmosphere is welcoming, unique & brilliant

I love the set up, & the decor

You feel at home in a booth with a bookshelf around you

With cusions and pillows to be more comfortable 😄

The menu is in Russian & English for those who haven’t master the Russian language

(ME 😏)

Their sushi is really good, the seafood is fresh. The tea was loose leaf! Oh 😍 my favorite

I also tried their chicken curry!

Soo tasty

Second best part?

Compared to sushi prices in the states? This restaurant was very affordable 👍

Anytime you are in Санкт-Петербург, please go here!

I recommend it 😚


Fried Crab Meat Sushi


Cappuccino & Berry Tea 💕


Chicken Curry 👍


Cream Soup with Smoked Cod


Outside seating! For when I’ll be back in the summer 🤔☉


Средний пр-кт В.О., 16/39, Санкт-Петербург, Ленинградская область, Russia, 199004


To Russia & Beyond

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This holiday was such a Treat!

I met so many wonderful people

They are even considered my friends now 🤔

WELL…. Idk maybe you should ask them about that one, I’m alittle weird 😂

Thinking back on the last 10 days,


Moscow was magnificent! So many Russian words I didn’t know


That’s all for now, pretty short and sweet

I’ll write more later, gotta caught my flight


Starbucks in Moscow ☕

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First off, I know


Well when in Russia, Gotta try everything 😉

And my Hot Chocolate was delicious 🍵

I wandered in here on purpose, to meet friends

Vitaly & Farhad

Russians who were very sweet

Shared lots of laughs, even bought us metro tickets and showed us what station to get off at

What kindness? 😃

In case you’re russian is poor like mine, some of the employees speak Russian

My onlyadvice is to ALWAYS greet someone, acknowledge them before jumping to a question or asking if they speak english

Wherever you are, no matter what Country

Remember to be Polite ☺

Фарш & Бочка 🍻

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My Russian friends Viktor & Gabba tell me, when there is silence at the table, a police man is born 😂

To me, this is quite hilarious


Meeting friends, new people and grabbing drinks with them is what life is all about right?

We went to a local pub in St. Peterburg called Фарш & Бочка or ” Beef and Barrel” 😙

It was amazing

I enjoyed a Belgian beer known as “Duchesse de Bourgogne”

Best Adjectives?

Tart, Smooth, Dark, Pear, Sweet, Full 😍

I was in love… I know, it is just a beer but come on? The guilty pleasures in life are a great beer while you enjoy the moments that count

I loved the atmosphere in this pub, Friendly, Quaint, German, Russian, Local and Delightful 😌

If you venture to St. Peterburg please

Have a beer


ul. Belinskogo, 11, St Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, 191014

Фарш & Бочка, улица Белинского, Санкт-Петербург, Ленинградская область, Россия



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Sapsan Tickets to St. Peterburg 🎟

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We did it

May have taken us a moment or TWO 😂

Sapan is Russia’s high speed rail way train! In four hours you can from Moscow to St. Peterburg for less than about $45 American Dollars

Not Bad at all 👏

Only problem with going on holiday in Russia, umm when you barely speak the language. Takes you a damn while


So in Mowsow, took the Metro to Ленинградский вокзал (Leningradsky vokzal Station) and here is where it alll got tricky

I surfaced unto the street where the station was


Train counters everywhere, Electronic teller machines

Russians in a hurry, doing their own thing

And picture an American wandering like a lost puppy dog, trying to find it’s way back home

Calmy, I may add 😒

It was, in it’s own building away from where the suburban trains depart. If you get lost, be like me

“Good afternoon, I don’t speak Russian . Do you speak English? “

Eventually a Cute Russian man from St. Peterburg well tell you to follow him and show you exactly where it is 😊

How Nice

And how to return to Moscow?

Don’t even get me started 🤔

Swings in The Middle of Moscow 😀

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Wandering around the city like lost tourists?

Pretty Much 😐

Well in my defenese, when the alphabet involves a backwards R, then it can happen!

Today was a pleasant afternoon though, after having a good cup of tea and bundled up alittle. I was ready to hop on the Metro to go to the train station so tomorrow, I can venture to St. Peterburg! I know, how exciting! But my extatic mood didn’t end there for on my walk and stroll through the city, I found… Wait for it.. SWINGS :) Comfy, Wooden, Swings that adults can fit their bums on! What a surprise? I skipped over, waiting for the opportunity to get the next free swing and I sat. Not what I was expecting in the middle of the city but hey, when you wing things like me, you find a hidden jem! Or you get lost 😉 lol

While Moscow Sleeps 🌚

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New York City is the City that never sleeps?

What about a Traveler’s Soul?

A never ending desire to see the world, experience cultures you don’t understand, & see a city in a whole new light

That’s what Moscow has been to me

It’s 5:30 in the morning, the darkness of the night is still in corners of the city. Cars beam through the street in no traffic, and swerve around the speed bump. I peer upon the city like one would onto a drop of water, perfectly still on a leaf.

Admiring it

Amazed by it

Thinking to myself, What else can I dig up? What else may this trip entail

It’s interesting when our own thoughts are too much for us. Even when we are in the land, we have been dreaming of. Dreaming of since I bought an Aeroflot airline ticket

Moscow sleeps, but on this night I do not

Too excited by the city all around me, the true city underneath

Moscow Train🚊🚈

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Moscow Train

Belive it or not, before arriving in Russia

Lovely little bobbing pigeons did not bother me, they did there thing like carry dieases and beg for crumbs, while I lived my life.


I was sitting peacefully, fly away hairs blowing in the chilly autumn wind. When a few piegons, turned into a bundle or so, then a flock was sitting at my feet. Ready to pounce! As if I could provide them with something? I had no food and wasn’t even trying get there attention… They aren’t adorable squirrels? Yeah, I know. Cause those, I try to pet 🤗

It was intriguing yet alittle unsettling

I wanted to know what they’re evil plan was, but was constantly watching above me as if one of them would drop on me

It sounds funny BUT

Peigons are bizarre

But after they fluttered away as the train came, I stepped aboard minding the huge gap

It  took me deep in the forest, by a beautiful lake 🙄